Some believe creation and destruction are two sides of the same coin; if there is evidence for this, it’s in Sacramento. A group of artists that go by the name M5 Arts, in collaboration with over 50 artists under the impetus of dynamite, rejuvenate the tired soul of the an old hotel before its final exhale scheduled later this week.


A line of people outside an otherwise grim facade is a clear marker for the building. We are told to head into the Ruhstaller Brewery next door to get a sticker-it’s a yellow label with the logo, date, and scheduled time of entry. As we walk in, strands of white plastic hung from the ceiling, hazing and isolating…cleansing us, the visitor, in preparation for the experience. Welcome to the ArtHotel.


The first floor greets us with a pendulum penetrating each floor that hangs from a top floor. In the ArtHotel, exploration is encouraged, as every nook and cranny whispers a little secret that only we may hear, a talkative staircase, from the bottom up, reads one thing and from the top down another. There are moments in which the whispers turn into a flurry of intentional cacophony, especially in the slender hallways of the building. Each room is immersive and some are even interactive: write a post-it note in a magenta closet to voice your comments to a fictional corporation, plaster your face on a brick building adjacent to the hotel with a projector, or grab a skateboard and enjoy the kitchen-to-bedroom half-pipe ride.

Quick Brown.jpg


Next to fine art and potty jokes, on the corner of political satire and schizophrenic ramblings, and around the racket of love, beauty, and foul, one will find the ArtHotel to be a menagerie of emotions. Bring some water, put away the watch, and explore the short breath of the Art Hotel before its planned demolition.



All Images by Dana Al-Hindi

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