Ryan L. Rocha [R.Y.A.N.] is a Sacramento born multimedia artist whose 2-D work consists on vibrant and energetic scenes of reflection made with a combination of drawing, pointillism, painting, and xerox copies.

Rocha’s new series of work is titled 20016 and it goes along with his new album with the same title.

rocha-XEROX PRINT #II-min.jpgXerox Print #11, 2016

ROCHA-BEND THE LIGHT AROUND ME 8-min.jpgBe the Light Around me 8, 2016

rocha-STILL VISIT-min.jpgStill Visit, 2016

rocha-scanning vision-min.jpgScanning Vision, 2016

Rocha-HARD-min.jpgHARD, 2016

Ryan L. Rocha’s zines “Garden of Xerox,” and zine+CD “VARIAL” and “Soundtrack” CD [made in collaboration with William Dickson] are available for purchase through Instagram @r.y.a.n.lr


Find out more:

Tumblr: http://ryanlrocha.tumblr.com/ Listen to the rest of his album on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/princemoist

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/ryanlrocha