Growing up in Lodi, California, afforded Justin Marsh an opportunity to become acquainted with disintegration. Through his familiarity with rusting landscapes and his “grappling with trauma at a young age, [he] found that the development of [his] work is informed by characteristics of failure and collapse.”




Justin’s work skirts the line between photorealism and surrealism. His warm, murky tones animate forgotten relics in a way that realizes their place and value on this earth. He plucks objects from reality and blends them in his memory-drenched visions, giving them a new life that celebrates their worth. Justin “intend[s] to capture loss and imbue it with…its inherent beauty.”



To put yourself in front of these works, visit Axis Gallery in Sacramento through June 25th. If you prefer to do that with wine in your hand, attend the reception on Saturday, June 10th from 6-9pm. Looking forward, Justin is researching and working on his next project, The Four Humors, which he will showcase at Axis Gallery in 2018.


Justin Marsh is a northern California native working professionally in the museum field and maintains a studio practice in the visual arts. He lives in Sacramento, CA.

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