Stockton native Jared Tharp paints for himself and is the definition of positive selfishness. Most artists will tell you that to sell work means to settle for consumer interests, especially if you work tends to the fringe of socially acceptable imagery. Tharp started his artistic career toying with the idea of molding his work to fit predefined industries and already marketable styles modeling his work closely after imagery from television and comic books. As he developed as an artist he came to find his own voice, one that definitely strays from the bubbly Disney cartoons.



When it comes to painting, Tharp’s hopes to recreate “that feeling when you’re a kid and you don’t know what the f*ck you’re looking at.” Tharp began creating his own characters and stories through his own personal flavor and he liked it. Unable to comfortably fit his designs into traditional graphic novels and animations, he found his niche in the world of fine art. There he could more freely experiment with his creative juices, which shows in the trajectory of his work. Trained as a painter, Tharp’s work is animated in every corner of the surface. He creates exciting space where viewer’s eyes don’t want to rest for fear of missing something. As his practice developed over time, his painting expanded to the immersive practice of art installations. Tharp pulls the world out of his mind and builds it out for exploration.



Art making can either be a commercial project or a personal exploration, but Tharp has managed to find a middle ground where he revels in his imagery and is supported by the artistic community in his creation. Tharp recently had a solo show at 1810 Gallery, which showcased his paintings and installation experiments. Prior to that, he had been a featured artist at M5s ArtStreet and he continues to develop his installation practice at Red Museum by creating room-sized engaging art experiences. Jared Tharp continues to expand his canvas and will be assisting with a mural project at Short Center South with the clients and staff. Keep an eye on this artist and follow his Instagram @jaredduncantharp to watch this exciting work continue to develop and grow.


Jared Tharp is a Sacramento artist with roots in Stockton, Ca. With an ineffable urge to make, he channels his creative flow into painting and installations. Jared Tharp earned a B.A. in Studio Art from Sacramento State University.