Sticky sweet summertime possibility intersects an entanglement of molasses. Conjuring ethereal imagery, the multimedia work of Franceska Gamez drips into infinity through a personal lens.


Her mesmerizing sculptures combine repetitive textures and motifs of the psyche, expanding into the realm of consciousness. Delicate petals and insect wings painted in light tones are uplifting and captivating. Like a portal, these works take viewers into an introspective moment. Otherworldly imagery overlaid and organized within shadowbox frames focus the viewer’s gaze and hypnotize the mind.


Working meticulously, Gamez’s linework intermingles and adorns her subjects, hinting at a complexity not quite defined, yet all too real to ignore. A tousled mind baking in the summer sun, mulling over deep thoughts that viewers can define for themselves with the given ambiguity of the work.


Gamez takes the position of open mediator between viewers and their thoughts. While the work holds a therapeutic purpose for the artist herself, her pieces are abstracted enough that viewers can immerse themselves in her sculptural creations. Especially with her anthropomorphic pieces, one may enter the work through admiration of her aesthetic. However, the after brief meditation in the portal, the world fades away and reveals the cogs in the mind and their complex motions.


Extending her multimedia hand, Gamez has also produced murals and installations. Her expression is not limited, as swirling lines express limitlessness, and her use of light, floating colors lead viewers to transcend reality.

Gamez is currently working with the Asian American Women Artists Association in the Richmond District of San Francisco. Along with the Mural Muses, she will be painting a mural over the summer, which is detailed on their Indigogo page.


Franceska Gamez was born in Manila and raised in the Bay Area. She currently resides in Sacramento, where she practices in mixed media sculptures and mural painting. Upon receiving her degree in Fine Art at California State University Sacramento, she has been dedicated to her trade full-time. Her willful practice in the arts has led to dynamic bouts in music, writing, curation, art conservation, and project organization. She has existing murals in Sacramento, Bay Area, and Washington DC, Amsterdam and Barcelona and was a contributing artist at the Art Hotel 916 and ArtStreet. She is currently the co-director of 1810 Gallery and a member of M5 Arts Collective. Find Franceska Gamez on Instagram and Facebook.