Sure, we did take a long time, in fact, about a year and five months, but we finally will be releasing the second volume of Placeholder Magazine. We had a lot of struggles, from securing funding, last minute contributors, internal struggles, figuring out the meaning of life, our magazine, and everything as well as discovering that Murphy’s Law really does work.

As design went forward, we stumbled on multiple technical issues, once printed the test copy in January, we realized that the magazine didn’t have enough content to create the perfect weight and binding we needed, the cover had to be changed, and other general issues (no pun intended). After countless tele-meetings, we had to make a tough choice of delaying it, once again, for the sake of consistency and quality. Meanwhile, we tried our best to stay active in the community, supporting local shows, partying hard, and putting in a lot of work.

This past year, we’ve reached a lot of goals, too. We are officially a 501c3 non-profit institution through a little sponsorship called Fractured Atlas; now, all of your donations can now be officially tax-deductible! This also opens opportunities for sponsoring projects by other community members or groups when they apply for grants or require a nonprofit status for their projects.

We’ve secured funding with the help of awesome local businesses and breweries (Ten Space, Ruhstaller Brewing, Dust Bowl Brewing Co., Highwater Brewing Co.) and so many of you lovely folks at our Beer fundraiser! It was a blast and all of the donations helped pay for this new Volume. Moreover, we are now a licensed fictitious business, meaning we’re able to have an official debit card for the magazine’s expenses.

We’ve partnered up with multi-talented Andrew Hemans, of Jerk Indie, multiple local bands, designer, and that guy that worked at Don’s Allstar Appliance Repair, to create this wonderful website. Bringing you the magazine and extra content to fill in the gap between issues (btw, we’re looking for writers).

Needless to say, a lot has changed in the community this past year and a half. We’ve seen the rise of multiple art-centric events, the use of previously vacant spaces and some retro-fitted restaurants into awesome music venues (the 207, the reuse of the old Plea for Peace, Asia Palace, D. Thrift). Up and coming venues for artisans and makers (Stockmarket), and much much more. It’s an exciting place to be.

We want to thank everyone for coming to our release party and having a blast with us. We are really grateful for the support. Thank you.