Eating out in Stockton, Calif., can often be frustrating for vegans. But do not fear! There are, in fact, places to go to satisfy your cravings without having to travel to far-off, distant lands. From falafel, to pizza, to curry, Stockton has something for everyone.

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Shan-e Punjab has buffets as well. Make sure to follow @StocktonVeganLiving which is full of advice for vegetarians/vegans in Stockton.


By being the first restaurant in town to serve exclusively vegetarian cuisine, Shan-E-Punjab has become a mecca for vegans and vegetarians in Stockton. Located across the street from Walmart on Hammer Lane, their lunch buffet offers an all-vegetarian selection of delectable Indian foods, including plenty of vegan options. For those who prefer to order take-out or decide to dine-in for dinner, Shan-E-Punjab has numerous options to choose from, including their gobi manchurian, a dish that features fried cauliflower dipped in chutney, and a fantastic chana masala, a highly popular spicy chickpea dish.

Mac Pho

Located in the same shopping center as Shan-E-Punjab, Mac Pho provides an affordable, vegan-friendly pho featuring a vegetable base. Mac Pho has one of the only vegan phos in town and is one of the best ways to warm the soul. Meat eaters will love Mac Pho too, and it’s a great place for groups with ample seating. While there’s only one major vegan option on their menu, Mac Pho makes the list because Pho is an essential dish for many.

vegan-spots.jpg This shopping center has Shan-E Punjab and Mac Pho and is directly in front of Walmart.

Blaze Pizza

A picky eater’s paradise — and the only chain-restaurant included in this list — Blaze offers vegan cheese options for their pizzas, putting them a step ahead of their competition. Set up similarly to a sandwich shop, Blaze allows customers to pick and choose ingredients one-by-one before throwing them into a blazing hot oven. For those who have gluten sensitivities, Blaze also has a gluten-free crust option, setting them apart from other pizzerias.

Royal Siam

Royal Siam is an atmospheric Thai restaurant with a multitude of options for vegans and vegetarians who like their food hot and spicy. Located next to The Hope Chest thrift store on Pacific Avenue, it’s not hard to find. Their menu showcases a roster of classic dishes — many of which can be made vegan such as their pad thai, green curry, and pad see ew. When eating at Royal Siam, be sure to save room for dessert, because their sweet sticky rice with mango is absolutely delectable.


House of Shaw

Last, but certainly not least, this hidden gem is tucked away on Dorris Place, branching off the Miracle Mile. This spot is characterized by its family-owned vibes, the absolutely delicious blended mochas and other coffee drinks (many of which can be made vegan!), as well their lunch-time spreads of sandwiches, falafel plates, and salads. While not open for dinner, House of Shaw’s great customer service and cozy atmosphere makes it the perfect destination for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Want to explore other places? Check out the Stockton Vegan/Vegetarian Group on Facebook.

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