To Create a Sense of Community

To terrify, shock, and dismay

To create landscapes of bleeding corpses
and scarlet fields of mangled body parts

To recreate your homelands in distant places

To unite us all in a web of blood and treachery
To sew tight the threads of death and destruction

To sing the praises of bombs, missiles, and poison gas
To shout the patriotic prayers of justification and canonization

To celebrate in the common language of violence
To create unsustainable communities
of suffering, rage, and fear

To create the ties that bind in communal carnage
United we falter, fail, fall into common graves

Beyond horror, disbelief, and despair.



Comes now, a swaggering troll
ejaculating his heinous history
retold as the hero’s glorious march

An assailant in political cloth
claiming a lecherous license
an ogre of boorish tradition

Our self-impaled
crass concrete cross

Our hypodermic
crown of opiate thorns

Our nightmare
reality show

Exposing our Janus
faced alter egos
bringing us

Face to face

For the Sake of Soul

Crossroads Encounters

Photography courtesy of Beth Marie